About the Conference

About the Conference

The 36th Philippine Chemistry Congress theme, “CHEM+ : Solutions, Stability and Sustainability,” is a call to all sectors of society – academe, government, and industry – for an integrated, collaborative and multidisciplinary approach in providing solutions to national and global challenges of the times. With Chemistry at the forefront, these solutions should be stable (measurable, manageable and long-lasting), and sustainable (relevant, reproducible, economical, and practical).

The 36th PCC aims to cover the following aspects of Chemistry in the Philippines:

  • CHEM + Health
  • CHEM + Policies & Safety
  • CHEM + Environment & Green Solutions
  • CHEM + Food
  • CHEM + Energy
  • CHEM + Materials
  • CHEM + Education
  • CHEM + Industry
  • CHEM + Technology (for Exhibitors)
  • CHEM + Career (Career Fair)

Timeline 36 Years of PCC

Be part of the largest gathering of chemists, chemical technicians, chemistry educators and S&T professionals in the country! Come join the 36th PCC!